Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mrs. Wysocki Goes Back to School

I've made it through 4 days of school so far, and so happy it's almost the weekend! I had forgotten how tiring it is at the beginning of the school year. I've wanted to come home and crash on the couch every day this week. It's hard getting back into getting up early, being on your feet all day, and having to take care of a million things at once. I really like my new school this year even though all the 6th grade teachers are in portable rooms. That's an adjustment and so is being in an elementary school environment. There are some cute little ones though. The 6th graders are babied a lot more than they are at the junior high level. I have to take school supplies, keep track of the times to change classes because no bells, and have to keep the kids in my room until their buses are called. I can't really say if it's good or bad, just different. AND I've had a broken air conditioner in my room up until today and had to go buy a fan to make it through. The poor kids and I were dying every day since it's 95+ degrees in the afternoons. Can't complain anymore though because I got a whole new AC unit today.

I also enjoy my co-workers and the kids. I only have 2 classes now but with 2 subjects. It makes it a lot easier to grade and learn the kids. So far, so good though. I just can't wait to be used to being back at school. I think Tony thinks I'm the biggest bum right now. Anyways, jeans and tshirt Friday tomorrow and then it's the weekend! Yeah!

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