Friday, August 1, 2008

More Thailand

About six months ago(or maybe longer) when I started planning our honeymoon, I booked a day trip with SimbaSea Trips. It's basically an all day boat tour that goes to different places depending on the time of the year. You do some sightseeing, some snorkeling, and just relaxing. Because we are technically in the rainy season right now(although we have yet to see rain), our day trip included a trip to James Bond Island where they filmed Man With The Golden Gun. At least I think that's what it's called. I've never seen any old James Bond movies although Roger Moore was on the same plane as me one time when I flew from London to Nice, France. Anyway, the trip was great. A car picked us up at our hotel at 8 in the morning, drove us to the Phuket Marina where we met up with everyone else and by 9 a.m., we were off. There were 11 of us total plus the captain, his helper, Geoffrey(he owns SimbaSea Trips), and Matt, Geoffrey's bro-in-law. Beth and I were the only Americans surrounded by a bunch of Aussies, but it was a lot of fun. We went swimming and canoeing into some of the little caves. We even stopped for lunch at this Muslim town built on the water. It was very different and interesting. Below are some pics of our day trip:

This is how we had to lay to get into the caves

A House in the City on the Water

Us at James Bond Island

We ended up making it back to our hotel around 5:30 p.m. after our day long excursion. We were both pretty tired so we decided just to take it easy and go check out a restaurant close to our hotel for dinner. I had found a little place basically next door to our hotel called Surin Bay Inn and we decided to check it out. We got drinks, two appetizers, entrees, and dessert for $30. Not bad I would say. Below is a pic of our dessert:

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