Monday, July 14, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Civali

We have been busy towards the end of last week celebrating Chris and Kristina's marriage. They got married in Austin and I was a bridesmaid for her, as she is a bridesmaid for me! Kristina and I have been friends for a really long time. We met when I moved to Texas. We were the same age and met on the swim team since we went to different middle schools. We were friends from the start and have been ever since. Kristina and Chris met during college. They went to Connecticut College and Chris is from Connecticut so Kristina had a home away from home up there. They now live in Boston where Chris is in law school and Kristina is a teacher.

The wedding festivities started on Wednesday. Sarah and I drove to Austin together and were able to go out to dinner with all the folks that were there for the wedding. Afterwards, we made the trek from Lake Travis to 6th street and went to Blind Pig. We were all pretty tired by the end of the night, but had fun because it had been awhile since we had seen Kristina and her other bridesmaids.

Thursday Kristina and her mom had a bridal brunch for the girls. We had a great breakfast at a place called Mimi's Cafe and went to a salon to get a pedicure. Kristina gave us nail polish that perfectly matched our dresses, so we all had matching pink toes. Since her wedding was on Friday, we had the rehearsal that day too. We were able to squeeze in some pool time and had to rush to get ready for the rehearsal. Alyssa, Sarah, and I were kind of late for the rehearsal and got a little reprimand for that...and chewing gum! We are such rebels. :) They had a lovely dinner at The Oasis, a popular Austin spot with tons of outdoor decks overlooking Lake Travis where we watched the sun set.

Friday was the big wedding day. We basically spent the afternoon hanging out and getting ready. Tony, Mike (Sarah's husband), and Dave (Alyssa's boyfriend) came to Austin just in time for the wedding. We were excited to see all of them after a few days of being away. The wedding ceremony and reception were very nice. The church and resort had awesome views. We had dinner, dancing, cake, all that good stuff at the reception.

While I was gone, Tony spent a lot of time on our yard at home and doing things around the house. We have been super busy with getting everything ready for our wedding. Feeling pretty good as we are crossing things off the list! 12 more days!


kim said...

i love the pics, especially since i was unable to make it!!! she looks so pretty! hope you are excited about your big day coming up :) love kim j.

Tony and Beth said...

we missed you at the wedding! i'll let you know when she has pictures on her photographer website so you can see more of them. you better make a good score on that bar exam to be missing all these weddings! :)

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