Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Married Couple Reports From Thailand!

Hello from Thailand! I know it's been a while since we have posted on here, but I'll be the first to make an excuse and say that we've been kind of busy. Our wedding was amazing and beautiful and more than I ever imagined and I'm sure we'll post about that more a little later. But for now, we are in Thailand. After 29 hours of travel time, we finally made it and it feels great!

Our flight leaving Los Angeles was almost 2 hours late, so by the time we left it was nearly 2 in the morning Houston time and Beth and I were worn out. We both ended up falling asleep on the runway and waking up midflight. Unfortunately, we still had over 8 hours left when we woke up. We finally made it to Hong Kong and when we arrived at 5 a.m., it seemed as though the airport was a ghost town. But as we sat around for a while, more flights started arriving and people started coming to catch their flights. Instead of going with the traditional Chinese breakfast, we chose the American breakfast, Burger King. Our flight to Phuket was on time and 3 hours later we were here in Phuket. I had arranged for a driver to pick us up at the airport and take us to our hotel. When we arrived, we quickly realized that the airport in Phuket was basically a few gates for arriving and departing planes and a few baggage carousels, and that was about it. Oh well, we got our bags, met our driver and we were off to our hotel. Twenty minutes later we were at our hotel and it's been great ever since. Below are some pics:

Drinking my 6 ounce coffee at Burger King

Our Rings!!!

The View from the Beach at our Hotel

Beth's Flowers(About 6 Dozen Roses Total!)

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