Thursday, July 3, 2008

Here We Go Again

We are leaving again today! This week has been all messed up with being gone on Sunday and Monday. We are off to Fayetteville, Arkansas to watch Stacy play in another golf tournament. We had been planning on going to this tournament all along. Last weekend was a spur of the moment kind of deal. We found ourselves unpacking and re-packing in a matter of days. We will be able to watch Stacy play all 3 days of the tournament. This will be less of a whirl wind trip for us. However, we are driving up to Arkansas after Tony and my Mom are done with work, which should be around 2:30. It's going to be a long drive, but we have as many wedding planning activities planned for the car ride as possible right now. I wish I could have gotten more stuff together for us to do, but I've just had trouble deciding on things and haven't had chance to plan in advance.

I hope we have some good news to pass along about Stacy this weekend! She has had a busy week with all kinds of media & sponsors events associated with the tournament. Now we are hoping to have 3 good rounds of golf to watch! Good Luck Stacy!!

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