Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summer Vacation?

I am officially on summer vacation, but I don't really feel like it yet! We went to Dubai which is obviously a vacation, but this week so far, I've only had one day that's summer vacation-ish. You know, the kind of days that you just sit around and have nothing to do or feel like you can just do whatever you want. I'm able to do things now that I'm not able to do when I'm working though. For example, I went to lunch with a friend of mine in the Galleria area and then got to hang out with Alyssa down by Rice Village. Things I like doing, but take up the whole day with driving back and forth. Today, I'm going to hang out with Alyssa & Sarah (and baby Ryanne) so I'm looking forward to that too. So it's just been a different kind of summer vacation. Busy.

I'm also getting overwhelmed by all the stuff we having going on in a couple of weeks. Once July hits we have something every week/weekend. Plus I have to get in all those wedding details. Luckily I've already had some people volunteer their help when I need it. We have meetings with several people for the wedding and of course I have all those little projects that I decided I needed to do myself rather than purchase them. So I'll have to get the creative juices flowing! Right now, I'd take suggestions on wedding favors and songs to play at the reception or anything else cool that I might be able to use.

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