Friday, June 27, 2008

Busy Bees

We spent last weekend doing some home improvement. Since we didn't like the way the builder's bushes were starting to look as they got bigger, we pulled them out and left large holes and essentially no landscaping. We left it that way for long enough! We wanted to make sure our house was looking good for the wedding coming up and since we are going to be gone the next few was time. We spent Friday getting moss rocks and arranging them around the edges of the beds. Saturday we went to Houston Garden Center and bought a bunch of bushes and plants. We have been very lucky this week because we've gotten afternoon rain almost every day since we planted. So far so good. Here are some pictures because we are so proud of ourselves for actually taking on a project and it turning out so well.

In the third picture you can also see that we (well a group effort between me, Tony, and my Dad) painted the circle above our garage black to match the front door. We had been wanting to do that but needed my Dad's ladder and painting expertise to get us started.

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