Saturday, June 28, 2008


For those of you who read our blog on a somewhat regular basis, you know that we like to post stuff on here about Beth's sister Stacy who just recently turned professional as a golfer. Well, this weekend she made her professional debut in the US Open in Edina, Minnesota. We all know how good of a player Stacy is and know she's going to be a great professional, but we didn't exactly expect what has happened. Going into the final round tomorrow, Stacy is leading the US Open by one shot. We are actually driving to Dallas early tomorrow morning to catch a flight to Minneapolis so we can watch Stacy play. This is huge and I can't wait to watch Stacy play on such a huge stage! Below is a story about her:

Rookie Lewis leads US Women's Open
5 hours ago

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota (AFP) — American Stacy Lewis, who turned pro less than three weeks ago, fired a six-under 67 to seize a one shot lead after the third round of the US Women's Open on Saturday.

Playing in her first tournament as a pro, Lewis is not afraid to toot her own horn.

"To tell you the truth, I'm not really that surprised," Lewis said. "I felt I could play and compete at this level.

"I finished fifth at the (Kraft Nabisco Championship) last year and that really showed me I could play at this level."

American compatriot Paul Creamer is one shot adrift of the 23-year old Lewis at the major championship.

Lewis displayed composure on the Interlachen course despite strong winds Saturday.

Lewis moved to a nine-under 210 total, one stroke ahead of fellow Creamer (69), with Swede Helen Alfredsson (71) and South Korean Inbee Park (71) two shots behind.

Halfway leader Angela Park, of Brazil, shot 75 to slide five shots off the lead, while Annika Sorenstam left herself a steep hill to climb, seven strokes off the pace after a frustrating day on the greens.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Busy Bees

We spent last weekend doing some home improvement. Since we didn't like the way the builder's bushes were starting to look as they got bigger, we pulled them out and left large holes and essentially no landscaping. We left it that way for long enough! We wanted to make sure our house was looking good for the wedding coming up and since we are going to be gone the next few was time. We spent Friday getting moss rocks and arranging them around the edges of the beds. Saturday we went to Houston Garden Center and bought a bunch of bushes and plants. We have been very lucky this week because we've gotten afternoon rain almost every day since we planted. So far so good. Here are some pictures because we are so proud of ourselves for actually taking on a project and it turning out so well.

In the third picture you can also see that we (well a group effort between me, Tony, and my Dad) painted the circle above our garage black to match the front door. We had been wanting to do that but needed my Dad's ladder and painting expertise to get us started.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Congrats to the Newly Engaged Couple

We got a phone call yesterday with some very exciting news. Our friends Romi and Rian just got engaged!

Tony has been friends with Romi for over 5 years now. They met working at Hollister in The Woodlands when Tony started work there. I met Romi through Tony since she was at a different Hollister when I started working there too. But Romi and Rian have been dating for a little over a year now, and we've gotten a chance to know Rian since then. They are a great couple and truely love being around each other and are so much fun for other to be around too. You can tell they really care about each other, and are great for one another. We are so excited for them because they are going to get to live through an engagement time, just like we've been through. It is such a wonderful and exciting time. We are so very excited and happy for the two of them! Cheers to Romi and Rian!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summer Vacation?

I am officially on summer vacation, but I don't really feel like it yet! We went to Dubai which is obviously a vacation, but this week so far, I've only had one day that's summer vacation-ish. You know, the kind of days that you just sit around and have nothing to do or feel like you can just do whatever you want. I'm able to do things now that I'm not able to do when I'm working though. For example, I went to lunch with a friend of mine in the Galleria area and then got to hang out with Alyssa down by Rice Village. Things I like doing, but take up the whole day with driving back and forth. Today, I'm going to hang out with Alyssa & Sarah (and baby Ryanne) so I'm looking forward to that too. So it's just been a different kind of summer vacation. Busy.

I'm also getting overwhelmed by all the stuff we having going on in a couple of weeks. Once July hits we have something every week/weekend. Plus I have to get in all those wedding details. Luckily I've already had some people volunteer their help when I need it. We have meetings with several people for the wedding and of course I have all those little projects that I decided I needed to do myself rather than purchase them. So I'll have to get the creative juices flowing! Right now, I'd take suggestions on wedding favors and songs to play at the reception or anything else cool that I might be able to use.

Friday, June 13, 2008


Vacation Continued

I can't believe we've already been here for over a week and we leave tomorrow. We've definitely gotten to do a lot of fun and different things which has been cool. Today we are going to brunch at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel which is the huge wave-shaped hotel right next to the Burj Al Arab. After that we are going to go to the newly-opened portion of the Burj Dubai to check that out. We will have some pictures on here as soon as possible. Right now we are getting ready to go out to the Mall of the Emirates one last time before we leave tomorrow morning.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Abu Dhabi

Last night was Sean and Kelsey's graduation. It ended up lasting about two and a half hours, but was very good. Sean won a scholarship award for the top student in performing arts which was really cool. After graduation we went and got something to eat at one of Sean and Kelsey's favorite restaurants.

This morning, after being awake for a little over two hours in the middle of the night, we got up around 7 a.m. and got ready to go to Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE and about an hour and fifteen minute drive from Dubai. We stopped at Starbucks for breakfast before heading out. In Abu Dhabi, we went to Sheikh Zayed Mosque, the second largest mosque in the world behind the mosque in Mecca. Most mosques do not allow non-muslims to enter, but this one does. We also went to Emirates Palace which is a huge, over the top hotel.

We then headed back to Dubai and met up with my Dad at his office before going over to Emirates Golf Club, where they play the Dubai Desert Classic(which Tiger won this year). After lunch at the golf club, Beth and I needed a nap. Our hour nap turned into two and a half hours.

After our nap, we sat around the house for a while and Beth actually got to talk to her Mom on Skype. I had never seen that before and it was pretty cool to be able to talk normal and also see each other through the web cam.

We went to dinner at Tony Roma's(yes, the same Tony Roma's as in the States) and it was pretty good too. Now we are back home and watching Euro Cup soccer. Tomorrow is Sean and Kelsey's graduation party. Should be a lot of fun.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Mall of the Emirates Ski Slope

Our dog Biemmer

Burj Dubai through the haze, the tallest building in the world

We Made it to Dubai

Welp, Beth and I finally made it to Dubai. We boarded the plane at 6 p.m. on Wednesday in Houston. The flight was originally supposed to take off at 6:50 p.m. but didn't end up leaving until about 7:30 p.m. We then flew 8,400 miles and over 14 hours to Dubai. When we landed, it took another 20 minutes to get off of the plane and then we had to board a bus which finally took us to the terminal. All included, we spent over 16 hours on the plane. Needless to say, we were ready to get off when we finally got here. The flight wasn't too bad except for the fact that it took over 2 and a half hours to get served food. There were so many "special" meal requests, that Beth and I were in the minority when it came to getting our food. But we finally got it after I had a few choice words with the flight attendant.

My parents met us at the airport and then we went out to dinner before coming home. Our dog Biemmer was here to meet us and it was really good to see him since I hadn't seen him in almost 3 years. But he hasn't changed much. Still wants to jump on top of you and lick your face as much as possible and then of course he gets tired and takes a nap. What a rough life.

In about an hour we are going to Sean and Kelsey's graduation. Wow, I can't believe they are graduating. I'm starting to feel old. We've had a fun day so far. We woke up and went to the Mall of the Emirates(the mall with the indoor ski slope). After that, we went and had brunch at the Grand Hyatt. Beth and I had the stupidity of going running. Not smart at all. We ended up run/walking a little over 5 miles in 110 degree heat. Did I mention 80% humidity? Yeah, not a good idea. I'll try to throw some pictures on here soon. We are going to Abu Dhabi tomorrow and then heading to Oman on Monday. Can't wait!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Curtis Cup Update

ST. ANDREWS, Scotland (AP) — The Americans won the Curtis Cup for the sixth straight time Sunday with the perfect ending — the clinching point was won by Stacy Lewis and the final point came from Alison Walshe.

Both were simply perfect at the home of golf.

Lewis, the former NCAA champion from Arkansas, became the first player in the 76-year history of the matches to go 5-0. Her final victory came against Elizabeth Bennett, 3 and 2, and turned out to be the point the Americans needed to beat Great Britain & Ireland.

Walshe also was undefeated in the three matches she played, winning the last point on the 18th hole for a 13-7 victory.

"It's quite something to actually hold that cup," U.S. captain Carole Semple Thompson said after the first Curtis Cup to be played on the Old Course at St. Andrews.

About the only flaw to the day was hardly anyone was around to watch Lewis clinch the cup.

The Americans had built a 7 1/2-4 1/2 lead after two days of team matches, and they needed only three points from eight singles matches to win. Most of the team was around the 17th green, where Amanda Blumenherst of Duke was on the verge of winning her match. Lewis ended her match first, however, on the 16th green.

"I knew we had won two matches already, but I wasn't sure if Amanda was done or if I was done," Lewis said. "It was an awesome feeling just to win my match there. And I turned around to celebrate and there was nobody there. But I celebrated with my parents, and then a couple of minutes later, they drove up in the cart.

"It was kind of surreal, and being here at the Old Course, I don't really know how to describe it."

The United States now leads the series, 26-6-3.

Tiffany Joh of UCLA, a runner-up last week in the NCAA Championship, hammered 15-year-old Carly Booth, 6 and 5, for the first point Sunday. Kimberly Kim of Hawaii won the opening match over Breanne Loucks on the 17th hole.

Florentyna Parker and Krystle Caithness were the only players to win matches Sunday for GB&I, while Michele Thomson rallied to earn a halve against Jennie Lee.

The cup had long been decided when Walshe held on for a 1-up victory over Sally Watson on the final hole.

"I didn't want to keep it going, but it was great to finish on the 18th with everybody waiting there," Walshe said. "And to finish with a win was just icing on the cake."

The Americans have not lost since 1996 in Ireland, and Thompson was asked whether it was time for GB&I to include continental Europe, as the Ryder Cup did in 1979.

"I can understand Great Britain and Ireland would be a little frustrated at this point since we've won six in a row, but I think that the level of their play is fantastic, and the matches are always well-fought, and there's plenty of talent on both sides to make it a good match," Thompson said. "So I would vote for keeping it against GB&I."

GB&I captain Mary McKenna noted that the Americans did a better job closing out the team matches, and that their three-point lead going into the final day could have much smaller.

"There was very, very little difference," McKenna said. "It could have gone either way, certainly for the first two days, which would have given us a better springboard for today. So it was a tough assignment. And I think that we do appreciate that the American girls are good. They're very, very good."

Lewis was a little better than that. She was perfect.

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