Thursday, May 29, 2008

Holding Down the States

For the first time ever, my mom, dad, and both sisters are out of the country! Tony and I are the only ones in our families in the US this week. It's crazy to think about. My mom, dad, and Stacy are in Scotland right now as she gets ready to play in the Curtis Cup - a big amateur tournament where a team from the US plays a team from the UK and Ireland. Janet is currently on her 6 week study abroad trip to Strasbourg, France. She's on her way to Munich today though for some sightseeing. I have to say it was pretty funny getting them all ready to go on their trips. They had all kinds of questions that I remember having when I first traveled abroad. So it was cool to get to share my traveling as it may be. It made me even more excited for Tony and my trip coming up in less than a week now! But for now, we are dog sitting and day dreaming of vacations to come.

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