Saturday, May 31, 2008

Stacy's Curtis Cup Update

After two days of the Curtis Cup competition, the US is winning and Stacy ended up playing in all 4 matches over the past two days and won them all. We got news from my mom that today was a great day for her an her partner Allison. Stacy played great and pulled them ahead in their match. She sent a georgous picture of Stacy teeing off on 18 at St. Andrews with the club house in the background, but it wasn't in a format that I could put on here. They have one more day where each girl plays a one on one match tomorrow. Hopefully Stacy can go 5 - 0 for the tournament!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Holding Down the States

For the first time ever, my mom, dad, and both sisters are out of the country! Tony and I are the only ones in our families in the US this week. It's crazy to think about. My mom, dad, and Stacy are in Scotland right now as she gets ready to play in the Curtis Cup - a big amateur tournament where a team from the US plays a team from the UK and Ireland. Janet is currently on her 6 week study abroad trip to Strasbourg, France. She's on her way to Munich today though for some sightseeing. I have to say it was pretty funny getting them all ready to go on their trips. They had all kinds of questions that I remember having when I first traveled abroad. So it was cool to get to share my traveling as it may be. It made me even more excited for Tony and my trip coming up in less than a week now! But for now, we are dog sitting and day dreaming of vacations to come.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wedding Stuff

Beth and I both realized yesterday how close we are getting to our wedding. We had a meeting with the people about the rehearsal dinner and then had a meeting with the wedding coordinator at the church.

The rehearsal dinner is going to be great and I can't wait to have that night to spend with all of our family and close friends who are going to be a part of such a special day in our lives. It should be a lot of fun and just a great time all around.

Meeting with the wedding coordinator at the church went really well too. We booked the church about 10 months ago, but still hadn't ever met anyone there so it was good to finally talk to someone face to face. We had all of our questions answered and we both left the church feeling really good about everything.

It's definitely starting to hit us that the wedding is only two months away. As I've been talking to people about the wedding, they've been telling me about how they are booking their hotel rooms or making arrangements to get here. That's when I realize that it'll be here before we know it. Beth and I are definitely blessed to have such great friends and family.

We leave for Dubai in less than two weeks and I think we are both really excited. We will be in Dubai the whole time except for two days when Beth and I will be going with my parents to Oman for a little extra sightseeing. Talking to both my Mom and my Dad, they say it's pretty cool and a neat place to see, so that should be fun. Sean and Kelsey didn't want to come with us because it will be towards the end of their time in Dubai before they come back to the US for college and they want to hangout with their friends. Of course we'll put lots of pictures on here too. No worries.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Monday, May 12, 2008

74 Days and Counting

74 days until our wedding! Yeah! Now reality is setting in and we have been thinking a lot about the wedding and getting everything planned out. Since we are going to be leaving for Dubai the day after I get done with school (June 4th), we have to get quite a few things in order before then. While Tony was gone to Chicago for his bachelor weekend, I made some purchases...thank you notes, guest book, etc. and the major accomplishment was that I started addressing invitations. Yes, I am hand writing them myself, so feel priviledged when you get one. :) I don't have the best hand writing for the job, but it will do. I only have about 30 more to go! They don't have to be mailed for awhile, but it happens to be right around the time we get back from Dubai and I do not want to be worrying about those things on vacation. For some reason, I get these things that I want to get done in my head, and I can't let it go until it gets done. Otherwise, I just keep thinking about it and how I need to do whatever, and it stresses me out.

I am counting down the days until I am done with school too...12 more school days! I have all these countdowns going on! I'm sure you teachers can sympathize with me on this one though. With so few days left, we are done with the TAKS test, done with our curriculum, and basically doing little projects to pass the time. They are worthwhile projects, but not things that are essential to the school year. My students haven't gone completely off the deep end yet, but I'm thinking after our 5 day weekend over Memorial Day, they are going to get to that point. Maybe I should start picking out my movies now?

Tony and I have so many things that we are looking forward to these days. We have a busy summer planned, but all fun things that we are going to enjoy. I'm looking forward to getting our house situated when I'm done with school, getting a ton of scrapbooking done (I won't say how far behind I am), and getting to do things with my friends & sisters while Tony's working. :)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Past Week

Beth and I haven't exactly been the best at updating the blog lately. I think a lot of has to do with the fact that we've just been busier than usual. Between my new job, moving into the house, and Beth doing a lot of wedding stuff, the days just seem to fly by. I officially moved into our new house last weekend and I must admit it was a little weird going to bed and waking up in a new place the first day. But I've definitely gotten used to it and things are great! My commute to work was also shortened by about 15 minutes each way because of the move.

I have a feeling that May is going to fly by. I'm going to Chicago this weekend for my bachelor party. Not too long after that is Memorial Day. The week after that is Beth's last day of school and the following day we are leaving for Dubai. We'll be in Dubai until the 14th of June and by the time we get back, we'll basically only have a little over a month until our wedding. It's going to be hectic but a lot of fun at the same time.

My time lately has been spent outside trying to get our lawn to start growing. As the temperatures start to get into the nineties, I find myself outside watering all the time. I've already fertilized twice and am hoping that a mini jungle will start growing so I can at least mow the lawn. We'll see.

That's about it from here. Beth and I are doing random stuff around the house today. Nothing overly exciting, but we're having fun.

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