Saturday, April 19, 2008

Getting Closer

Yesterday put us officially 99 days away from our wedding. I honestly can't believe how time has flown by. So many things have changed since Beth and I got engaged and since we started booking things for our wedding. Beth and I have both changed jobs since(and are both much happier as well). We have moved once and are in the process of moving again. We have built a new house and are now in the process of moving stuff in.

These next three months are going to be a lot of fun. Beth has her shower next week as well as her bachelorette party. A few weeks after that, I'm going to Chicago for my bachelor party. I can't wait to get to hangout with some of my lifelong friends that I don't get to see too often, but will all be a part of our wedding as well. Not too long after I get back from Chicago, Beth will be wrapping up her school year and we will be flying to Dubai for 10 days with my family. Sean and Kelsey are graduating high school and I'm still having a hard time believing it.

After we get back from Dubai, we really only have a little over a month until our wedding. It's going to be a great time to see all of our friends and family and to celebrate with them, such a great moment in our lives.

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