Monday, April 7, 2008

Bachelor Weekend

It's crazy to think that we are already into April and our wedding is only a little over three months away. Oh how time flies by. We booked our wedding site in July of last year. I remember thinking at the time, where do we even start planning a wedding? Welp, we figured it out and here we are, not too far away now. And things are all falling into place. Although our guest list has grown......and grown.....and grown a little bit more, I think we're going to make it. Some people who I had assumed would want to be at our wedding, aren't going to be there and looking at it now, I wouldn't want it any other way. The reason for this, is that we want people there who WANT to be there. As you start planning this kind of thing, you really start seeing how important our wedding is to some. And it means a lot. We know that financially, it's not very easy for some people to just pack up and come to our wedding, but yet we've heard time and time again people telling us that they will be at our wedding no matter what. And Beth and I feel very honored by this.

So as we are getting closer to the wedding, things are falling into place. Like Beth's shower which is approaching quickly as well as her bachelorette party. Woo hoo!!! This brings me to my bachelor party/weekend. We weren't really quite sure what we were going to do as everyone kind of lives in different places. My friend Matt and I were talking the other day and just randomly through out the idea of going to Chicago for the weekend. I checked flights and now we're booked. Me and about six of my guy friends from the wedding party will be flying to Chicago and spending the weekend there, going to a Cubs game, and just spending the nights out on the town. It should be fun and Chicago's a great place.

Three weeks after I get back from Chicago, Beth and I leave for Dubai!!! And we can't wait for that either! My Mom and I were talking yesterday about all the things we can do while we're there. I can't wait for Beth to see everything and also see all of the new stuff that wasn't there when I was there a few years ago.


afoos said...

A lot of times, people who really want to come, can't make it financially and it's a really hard call- do you sell your car to make it to a family event, do you dip into the college fund of your kids, do you take out a loan? These are choices that are very difficult to make because you are caught between wanting to be there and having to find some way financially to make it there and sometimes, it's not always possible to say "oh, it's just money and my family is more important" because if you say that, you are also putting your own life and your children's futures on the line by having to find some way to foot the bill.

We all want to be there but honestly for us, we also had to weigh how it would impact our finances after realizing just how much it would really cost. Luckily, we had savings that we could dip into and are getting help for a ticket but please don't think that those who don't come because of financial reasons don't care about you or don't want to be there. You had to pay a lot to come to my wedding but I would have understood if you couldn't have made it.

And, you can rest assured that those who want to be there will try everything they can do to get there and those who don't want to be there, well, you don't want them!

Tony and Beth said...

This is the a direct quote from my post: "We know that financially, it's not very easy for some people to just pack up and come to our wedding, but yet we've heard time and time again people telling us that they will be at our wedding no matter what. And Beth and I feel very honored by this." I don't know what that has to do with selling cars and kids college funds. I don't know if maybe you think I wrote that post towards you or something, but I didn't. Beth and I feel very privileged by the fact that many people are making sacrifices to come to our wedding. You're not the only one who is making a financial sacrifice. We knew this might happen, that's why we scheduled our wedding a year in advance, so that people would have the chance to plan for it. People make sacrifices to go to things all the time. The people who don't make the effort are the ones that I'd rather not come anyway and I have been surprised by some people who won't be coming.

afoos said...

Now it's your turn to take a chill pill! It wasn't meant to be taken so seriously and I never thought you directed your post towards me, I'm not that selfish. I'm just saying not to be so hard on those who don't make an effort because they just can't. I was upset by a lot of things at my wedding (lack of congratulations from a lot of people in the US) and if I had to do it over again, I wouldn't have taken it so personally because people do what they can and it's not worth it to worry about it during your happy moment. A lot of what we think is done against us, really isn't. It was almost our case that we couldn't all come and I would hate to think that you would be upset with us thinking that we did it on purpose not to make an effort. Things happen during the year and even if you plan things way in advance, you can take a really hard blow that is unplanned. You'll see, when you guys have kids and a family of your own that sometimes, it does come down to having to make bigger choices like what's more important and you laugh at it, but there are a lot of people out there who couldn't afford 4000 dollars in plane tickets and who would have to weigh that against selling their car. And, come to think of it, that's why so many people from the US didn't make it to our wedding but I know that their best effort in the end was trying to get there.

I'm just saying don't focus so much on who is coming and who can't come etc... You will stress yourselves out way more than you should right now and 6 years later, you will really only remember you, Beth and your ceremony and your reception and not who was and wasn't there.

Tony and Beth said...

no chill pill needed here. we're just excited that you all will be there.

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