Sunday, March 2, 2008

This Weekend

Well here we are, Sunday night and another weekend has come and gone. It seems like the weeks get longer and the weekends shorter. My friend Shawn used to always tell me when I was in college and complaining about studying, that he would much rather be in school than work everyday. He said to take advantage of my time off then because everything changes once you start working. Man was he right. But what can you do, it's just a fact of life I guess.

Friday night we went out to dinner with Beth's parents. We went to Berryhill in Market Street. Berryhill is a Mexican restaurant with really good fish tacos. I always thought fish tacos sounded kind of weird. That was until I tried them. Now I can't go to Berryhill without getting fish tacos.

Saturday wasn't overly eventful. The day started out with us driving to Midtown Houston to work for Sweet Leaf Tea. We were at a Farmer's Market at a somewhat hip and trendy restaurant called T'afia. T'afia's main focus is serving organic, locally grown dishes that are good for you. The chef there is pretty well known and supposedly cooks up some amazing dishes. It's kind of weird though because right next door to the restaurant is a restaurant called The Breakfast Klub. And it's about as far from hip and trendy as you can get. It's a down home, "soul food" restaurant that has a line out the door every minute of the day that it is open. As Beth and I pulled up we noticed the typical huge line coming out of The Breakfast Klub, but this time we noticed a little something different. Across the street from the two restaurants was the Barack Obama Houston campaign headquarters. People were everywhere with Barack signs, passing out Barack "change" messages, and even selling Barack t-shirts. No more than ten seconds after getting out of the car were we approached by a ten year old boy trying to sell us a Barck for President t-shirt. I politely said no thanks.

After unloading the tea and getting everything setup, we start hearing an "Obama" rap song coming from next door. Needless to say, not impressive. I can't imagine Barack would have been too impressed either.

I must admit that initially I really liked Barack for the sole fact that he wasn't Hillary. After looking at things, I think that if it were only between the two of them to see who would be President, I'd have to vote for Hillary. Barack likes to talk, but I don't know if Barack knows how to do any of the stuff he's talking about. Just my opinion.

After loading up and coming back to The Woodlands, we went running and got done just in time to make it to Sonic for happy hour. If you don't know about this already, I recommend checking it out. Sonic has half priced drinks everyday between 2pm and 4pm. Beth and I take advantage of it nearly every weekend.

Today we got up and went to church. I don't think we've ever mentioned our church on here, but it's great. It's called Woodsedge Church. We've been going for about a year now and love it. The Pastor at our church is the Dad of one of Beth's best friends and also will be the Pastor at our wedding. He's one amazing person to listen to and his passion for his message can be felt every week.

After church we went to lunch with Beth's parents and then went and did a walk through of our house. Things were looking good and we will be closing a week from Tuesday. We got back from the walk through and then went running. It was cloudy all day today which made it easier to run. Yesterday it was 80 degrees and sunny as can be when we went. We just got back from eating pizza and here we are, the end of another weekend. Have a great week.

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