Sunday, March 23, 2008

Real Men Garden

Beth and I had a really good Easter. It was somewhat uneventful, but good. After lunch with Janet, we decided to go run some errands and go by the house. We stopped at Home Depot first and took advantage of the gift card that Beth's Mom got me for my birthday. We bought gardening shovels and plant food. Then we went across the street to Lowe's and took advantage of the gift card that Mary got us for Christmas. At Lowe's we got two new light fixtures to replace the ugly white globe light fixtures that we have in a few places in our house. Finally, we went to the Houston Garden Center to buy flowers and plants for our front yard.

I had never done any "gardening" before and I must say, it was pretty fun. We ended up pulling out four ugly bushes that the builder had planted originally and replaced those bushes with flowers and a few other plants. We still have a lot to go, but were glad that we got things started today. A few pics are below:

After our gardening adventure, we came back to the house and watched OU get destroyed by Louisville in the NCAA tournament. Then my Dad, Beth, and I met Beth's parents at Baker Street for dinner. Now the week begins and lucky for me, I still have one more week until I start my new job.

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