Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Bright Idea

In the weeks before we closed on our house, I started doing a little research on what it would take to sod our backyard. Although I knew this was going to be a pretty expensive proposition, I figured grass would be better than a big pile of dirt in our backyard. My original plan was to buy the sod from a sod farm and install it myself(well, with a little help from my friends). Keep in mind, our backyard is about 4000 square feet. This was going to be a minor task I thought to myself as I was calling around to get different quotes. I ended up getting a cheap quote from the grass company that our builder uses and the difference between them just delivering it and actually installing it was minimal. Anyway, I ordered seven pallets for our backyard as I was told this was how much we needed. The entire yard was covered except for one small patch in the corner.

So yesterday Beth and I went and bought some individual strips of sod to fill in the patch of yard without sod. It ended up being about 50 square feet of sod that we needed and we of course, didn't buy enough. So now we have to go back today and buy the last bit.

But the real lesson learned in all of this, is not that we need to accurately measure next time we buy sod, but rather never ever think about laying sod ourselves ever again. Laying the 40 square feet of sod yesterday was such a hassle that the mere thought of doing the entire yard made me tired. First I had to unload the 25 strips of sod that we bought, then I had to carry it to the backyard, then I had to figure out how the heck I was going to lay it. The part I did lay looked good, but it took me about 30 minutes to do that small part. So I figured 4000 square feet would have taken me about six months to lay.

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