Sunday, March 9, 2008

Another Weekend Come and Gone

Beth and I made a couple great finds this weekend. As we were doing our walk through with our builder last week, he asked us if we had planned on doing a tile back splash in our kitchen. We told him that maybe we would do one later but hadn't really planned on it right now. His suggestion was to do one sooner than later because of the fact that water from the sink will splash up against the wall and could eventually cause problems.

So Beth and I took that into account on Saturday as we decided to go by the Floor and Decor Outlet where we bought the tile for our kitchen. Our plan was to look. But we ended up buying. We found some great travertine tile for the back splash and ended up getting a really good deal on it. Too good to pass up! Now we just can't wait to have it put up next week!

After our back splash was purchased we decided to go down and check out The Dump. The Dump is a huge furniture store with a few other locations across the U.S. Anyway, it's main thing is name brand furniture for less. It's only open Friday through Sunday and its' inventory is constantly changing. We had never been there before, but had always heard the commercials on the radio and seen ads on TV. We walked through the door and within five minutes, fell in love with a coffee table. It was way cheaper than we had seen coffee tables anywhere else, so we decided to buy it. We also saw another piece of furniture that we really liked but decided that we should go by our house and measure first.

After we measured the space, we went back today and bought the other piece of furniture. Both pieces look great and will go really well with what we already have. And the best part was we got $75 off the piece we bought today because there was a "chip" on it that's not even noticeable at all. Yea!

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afoos said...

I totally second the back splash. We have one on our sink and I don't know what I'd do if it weren't there. Already, I'm conspiring to add tile to wall just above our long row of cabinets because we already have spots of grease and batter where I've cooked and want to line the whole wall just below the shelves from the fridge to the window with tile. Investment but worth it in the end.

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