Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Valentine's Dilemma

Here we are again. Two days before Valentine's Day. And that age old question pops up like it does every year around this time. What are we gonna do on Valentine's Day? Great question. Wish I had an answer. I mean really, what are your options? Candlelight dinner? A dozen roses? A bottle of wine? Which one of those things is really going to show Beth how much I love her?

What makes it even harder is Beth's birthday is next week. So do I go all out for Valentine's Day and scale back for her birthday. Or do I let Valentine's Day slide and bring it for her birthday. Who knows.

Last year we made dinner. Had some wine. Ate Valentine's candy. The year before that we ate Mexican food in Dallas. Drank margaritas. That was also my and Beth's first Valentine's together. Wow, is this really our third Valentine's Day together already? Time flies when you're having fun I guess.

So that brings us to Thursday. Two days away. What do we do? I guess I'll keep you posted.

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