Thursday, February 14, 2008

Beth and I went by the house yesterday to meet with a tile guy. We plan on tiling a few other areas of the house after we close since the builder was going to charge us an outrageous amount for them to do it. The tile guy we met with was great and we went ahead and hired him for the job. When we pulled up to the house, we couldn't really tell much of a difference from three days before. As we got closer, we realized that they had put on the final coat of paint on the outside. And then as we walked toward the front door we realized we weren't going to be able to get in through the front door or even the garage door. They had laid the tile for our entry way and also our utility room and it wasn't ready for us to walk on. So we walked around the house, through the mud, and in the back door. As we walked in, we realized that a lot had changed on the inside. All of the walls had been primered, all of the trim had been painted, and also all of the interior doors. Things were looking great! Below are some pics:

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