Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Another Birthday

I am officially 25 now that the birthday has come and gone! I had a good day yesterday and thanks to all the family & friends that called my on my birthday. I got to spend the majority of my day with the good old sixth graders. They were all pumped up about my birthday. My school announces birthdays on the morning announcements so as soon as they heard it was mine, they broke out in cheers and tons of questions. They all wanted to know how old I was, what I was doing for my birthday, if I was having a good day, when I was born, etc. Oh and two of my classes wanted to sing happy birthday! It was pretty funny, but cute that they cared. They all had their guesses of how old I was and when I told them 25, they all start yelling I knew it or you're young or REALLY?? So it was quite the day with them to say the least. The group of teachers I eat lunch with got me a card and birthday cake. I thought that was really nice of them and wasn't expecting it.

Tony sent some really cute pink and orange flowers to school. I was not expecting that and was very excited about getting them! They are a mix of flowers - big roses, little garden roses, lilys, carnations, and some other type of flower that I don't know the name of. Tony did take me out to dinner. We went to PF Chang's for some good lettuce wraps, crispy honey chicken, and spicy chicken. He also got me a pair of pants that I had been wanting from JCrew and a striped tank top. Then in true Tony and Beth fashion we spent the rest of the night after dinner watching TV. We have certain shows we like to watch and American Idol and Big Brother were on. Ok, we're boring! We had cake and ice cream for dessert too. I can't wait to go out to dinner with my parents on Friday when my Dad comes home. I get to have a double birthday dinner since he was gone this week.

Overall, I had a good birthday though. Nothing too exciting, but it was nice for Tony and I to go out to dinner and just relax after work.

**Stay tuned because we just went by our house today and Tony will put some pictures up soon.

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