Sunday, February 10, 2008

15 Miles Later

On Saturday Beth went with her Mom to start looking for "mother of the bride" dresses. And while they were gone, I decided to get my run in for the day. My initial plan was to run 10 miles, but as I started going and began enjoying the day, I decided to go for 15 miles. It had been a while since I had run 15 miles. In fact, I can't even remember the last time. Maybe a couple of years or so. But I decided I would go for it and was kind of curious if I was up for the challenge. That's one of the things I really love about running. It's you against yourself on a daily basis. Always trying to get better and accomplish something. Sometimes you're fighting for a faster time, or maybe a longer distance. And sometimes you're just fighting to finish at all.

People wonder what's so great about running. I mean, it is only running. Everyone can do that right? You would think so. But it's not that simple. I would challenge anyone who doesn't run and thinks it's not that big of a deal to just go run a mile. Your perspective might change. Running is a great sport and one of the purest sports there is. Before there was football, basketball, or soccer, there were people running.

I followed up yesterday's run with a 10 mile run today with Beth. It was a little bit hotter and quite a bit harder, but we got it done.

Other than running, this weekend was pretty good. We went out for Carol's(Beth's Mom) 30th bday on Saturday night and had a really good time. We went to Tommy Bahama in Market Street in The Woodlands. I had never been there before and was pretty dang impressed with the food.

Today we went by the house to show Janet(Beth's sister) and Dale(Beth's Dad) since they hadn't seen it in a long time. They had updated stuff since just the other day when we were there. The ceilings were textured, the baseboards were in, as well as the crown moulding in our bedroom and also the cabinets in the kitchen and the bathrooms. Oh yeah and they also poured the concrete for the driveway. Not too much longer. And we can't wait!!!

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