Monday, January 28, 2008

We Love Mondays

It always seems like Monday is here before we know it. We have a full weekend of running, hanging out, and basically doing whatever we want and then Monday comes along and is such a downer! Tony and I were so grumpy this morning and I think it's carried over all day today. I didn't have a very good day at work between behavior problems and what not, I was just not into it today. Judging by Tony's attitude I don't think he had a very good day either, mostly because of work too, I guess. With the beginning of the week comes all the things you know you have to do that week...laundry, grading papers, getting up early, driving to work, working on our counseling workbooks (which takes quite a bit of time), dentist appointments, people to call, and running other errands.

We just have to get through Monday and Tuesday and we can see the end in sight! I need to start a Spring Break countdown because I can't wait for that!

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