Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is this weekend and I'm pumped. Although I really wanted to see the Packers against the Patriots, I'm just glad the Pats made it. I wasn't around to see the Miami Dolphins go undefeated in 1972, so I think it'd be pretty cool to see an undefeated season. We were in Italy the first time the Giants and the Patriots played and at the time didn't think we'd see a rematch. I think Beth is pumped about the Super Bowl too. Although her reason is different than mine. She's pumped because the Super Bowl marks the end of football season. No more weekends spent in front of the tv analyzing each play and each game. At least until August that is. Not sure what we're going to have as far as food for the game, but hopefully we'll come up with something good.

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