Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Last Weekend

I figured Beth would write about this, but I guess she's been busy so I'll have the honor. Last weekend was very busy with much wedding planning being done. Going into the weekend we didn't have a clue about most things wedding related. Here it is five days later and I can easily say we now know a lot about cakes, flowers, linens, and even registering. First to our cake. The wedding cake and my groom's cake have been picked out and we are very excited about both. I'll be honest, I'm a little more excited about my cake, but then again, it is my cake. Sorry, but I won't go into details about either one of them. It'll have to remain a surprise until after the wedding. All I will say is that the wedding cake will be simple, but elegant. My groom's cake will be very chocolaty.

The flowers were Beth's thing and I think she picked out some great ones. As well as the linens. Who knew there were so many choices?

We started registering over the weekend and neither one of us realized how much stuff we needed. It was fun using the little scanner to pick out what you wanted, but I must say that after an hour, I was pretty tired of it. Luckily we only went to one place and decided that we'll hit up another place this weekend.

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