Friday, January 25, 2008

I made pizza the other night for dinner. We had eaten Pizza Hut a few nights before and I must selfishly say, my pizza was better.


afoos said...

what recipe did you use for the crust? I made pizza a couple weeks ago and the crust just didn't taste good. E says that's why oven pizza isn't good. But yours looks great- let me know!

Tony and Beth said...

Well...about the crust, it's a DiGiorno pre-made crust that you can get at the store. That doesn't really help you much because I'm not sure they have that in France. You should know that we wouldn't have made home-made crust! :) Adding the toppings is about as far as we go with that. Can you get Pillsbury? Because they make a pizza crust in a can that's not too bad.

afoos said...

Well, geez, I thought everyone made homemade crust! I guess you get used to doing a lot more stuff homemade when it isn't readily available or it isn't really 'cultural' to buy premade. No Pillsbury here. I did try a pizza crust from our frozen foods store once, but it wasn't good. If you have the right recipe (which I still haven't found) pizza crust is simple to make. I'll keep looking.

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