Saturday, December 8, 2007

Christmas Shopping...Check!

YEAH! Tony and I are completely done with our Christmas shopping! I am not a procrastinator to say the least, so I made Tony go shopping with me the last two weekends and as a result, we have already gotten all the presents. We are doing presents from Tony and me this year for my family and his so that made things easier. Plus since we are going to Italy, we didn't really feel the need to do big presents for each other...not to mention we are saving for our house too. Christmas shopping is something I just really get into. Not that I spend a lot of money (because I can't), but I just enjoy picking things out for my favorite people!

I am hoping that the next two weeks fly by because I cannot wait for Christmas time and for our trip. Tony and I talk about how excited we are almost every day. We are getting the best of both worlds this year because we got to spend Christmas Eve & Day with my parents and sisters and then get to hop on a plane and see Tony's entire family. The trip to Rome all started last Christmas with Tony's idea to want to finally spend a Christmas with his family again next year. I am so happy that it has all come together to well and that everyone will be able to make it. It is going to be such a fun, memorable trip! We feel so lucky that we are able to do things like this for Christmas.

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