Saturday, November 3, 2007

Halloween Week

Tony and I had a busy week this week! We haven't been very good about writing because of it. Tuesday we finally got to take our engagement pictures! We had a really fun time and cannot wait to see the pictures on Tuesday. We are definitely planning on posting some of them up here (if they are good!). For the wedding, we also met with a DJ/MC for our reception that came highly reccommended from 3 or 4 other people. It was cool getting to talk about the reception and what's actually going to happen that day. This guy comes up with the timeline for the wedding and makes sure that things happen when they are supposed to and keeps the night going without us having to worry about a thing.

Halloween was a good night too. I came home to find that Tony had bought all kinds of stuff to make dinner. We had wine, garlic bread, meatloaf, potatoes, and brown sugar carrots...all homemade. (We don't do that very often!). He also got 2 bags of our favorite candy and rented a movie. We got to have a nice relaxing night with good food just like we wanted. Niether one of us are very into dressing up for Halloween and no one we knew had a Halloween party, so we were just as happy to hang out together and watch a movie.

This weekend is onto more madness. Last night we worked for Sweet Leaf until 10 PM and are working this whole weekend. We'll post pictures of it because we are working at the Hot Air Balloon Festival at NASA. I also am going to a bridal shower for one of my friends this afternoon. The weeks go by so fast and Thanksgiving is going to be here before we know it! I can't wait either because I'll get a 5 day weekend from school! YEAH!

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