Saturday, November 24, 2007

No Shopping!

The day after Thanksgiving for a lot of people consists of getting up at 6 am (or earlier) to make it to the mall for those great day after Thanksgiving sales. However, Tony and I will probably forever stay away from the mall on that day. Having worked that horrible day at Hollister, we know too much about how many people will actually be at the mall and how unenjoyable shopping in crowds can parking, long lines, crowds. All things Tony and I are not good with.

So, instead we went to pick out a Christmas tree with my family. Tony and I don't really have our own place now and we have no place to put up a Christmas tree so we are going to live Christmas through my parents' house. Every year my family goes to a Christmas tree farm to pick out a huge tree. Since my parents have a tall ceiling in their family room, we are able to get a tree that about 12 feet tall! The tree is now up the the family room with lights on it but has yet to be decorated. We are planning on decorating tonight.

After we picked out the tree, Tony and I had to go for a long run since it is supposed to rain all weekend. We ran 10 miles in the nice cool weather. After that it was basically all football watching for the rest of the day. I'm not even going to talk about my team yesterday...embarrassing!

The day after Thanksgiving was pretty relaxing for us and we had a good time hanging out with my family and also going on our long run together. All while managing to stay away from the mall!

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