Monday, November 26, 2007

Back to the Grind

It's back to work time and in a way it feels like I've had a long vacation. That still doesn't mean I'm excited to have to wake up early and start back with the 8 to 5 grind. But I must say that I do feel a little refreshed. Maybe it's the fact that I know I only have four more weeks of work until another vacation. And this time it'll be an Italian vacation. In fact, we are now less than 30 days away from leaving for Italy and I can't wait!

Back to Thanksgiving weekend though. Beth and I both had a very relaxing weekend. We got to spend a ton of time with her family and also get some relaxing time in as well. We wrote earlier about our Run Thru the Woods that we did on Thanksgiving morning. Well we finally got the results and Beth ended up getting 3rd in her age group and 161 overall out of 1400 runners. I got 13th in my age group and 158 overall. Needless to say, Beth ran about 40 seconds per mile faster than she thought she could and was even still alive when it was over.

The day after Thanksgiving Beth and I ran our 10 mile run and ended up running a lot faster than usual too. I think it may be the fact that we are used to running in 80 degree temps instead of 40 degree temps like it was on Friday. We're not complaining though. I made the mistake of going running on Saturday afternoon. It was 40 degrees outside and pouring down rain. When I got back I couldn't feel my legs. Yeah, bad idea.

Anyway, that's it from Houston. It was a great Thanksgiving weekend and now we're looking forward to Christmas!

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