Sunday, November 4, 2007

8 Miles, 2 Scratched Knees

Today was the day that Tony and I had to run 8 miles for our training. I had the idea of going to Hermann Park which is over by the Medical Center and Rice University because we had never gone running over there and thought it would be something different. We ran around the whole park, by the zoo, on the Rice campus, and the neighborhood next to Rice since we had to run so far. Well part of the run is on a dirt path and with 1 mile to go I face planted after tripping on a rock on the path. I have a ton of little scratches on my hands and my knees were bleeding. Tony was nice enough to wipe my knees off with his shirt to try to get all the dirt away from the cuts. But after that we kept running and finished our 8 mile run! I'm so tough...right?

1 comment:

Pat said...

Hope your knees heel quickly Beth !

Figured you were pretty tough anyway to put up with Tony....

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