Monday, October 15, 2007

Weekend Adventures

Beth and I had a pretty good weekend overall. We spent Friday night up in The Woodlands area. Like I said in our previous post, we had dinner at Mel's Country Cafe in Tomball. And needless to say it was good. We had onion rings, fried mushrooms(those were for me, Beth doesn't like mushrooms), chicken strips, french fries, and mashed potatoes. Can you say heart attack on a plate? Anyway, it was all good and we were glad to get our home cooking fix for a while.

After dinner we decided to drive by our neighborhood and check out the progress of the house next door to where our house will be. The house was framed and we got a chance to walk through it and get a better idea of where our house is going to sit on our lot. It's crazy to think that in six months our house will be built too and a lot of the empty lots will have houses on them and people living in them.

Saturday was spent watching football all day. Although we did manage to get a run in before we started laying on the couch. Beth was happy because UT won. I was happy because OU won and LSU and Cal lost. Boomer Sooner!!!

Yesterday we worked with Sweet Leaf at the Bayou Art Festival in downtown Houston. It was pretty good overall although it did rain for part of the day. I guess clouds and rain beat sunshine and a hundred degrees any day of the week. That's about it from here. I'll keep you posted.

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Alyssa said...

dave and i were at the art festival on saturday and we went to the sweet tea leaf booth looking for y'all! guess we missed y'all by a day!

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