Sunday, October 7, 2007

Race Results

We had a good showing at the Susan G. Komen Race yesterday. The rain came in about 20 minutes before the race was about to start and we all got pretty soaked. It did stop about 5 minutes before we started and held off for the entire rest of the race. My mom had the goal of running the entire race and she did it! She even ran faster than she thought she could. Janet was the motivator and made sure she didn't stop running! My dad realized that he needs to have another knee surgery and was a trooper and finished with a pretty good time, for an old guy ;). Tony took off and left the rest of us in the dust. So he was the winner out of the 5 of us, and I got second place.

This was my dad and Tony's first time to come to a Race for the Cure. My mom, Janet, Stacy, and I have been to quite a few races. It's always so cool to see the breast cancer survivors out there running with their pink tshirts and the thousands of people who come up to support such a great cause. With my Grandma on my mom's side having breast cancer, we always call her and let her know that we ran for her today. My mom also got pretty emotional yesterday because she now works with breast cancer patients and just thinking about her patients and their struggles got her through the last part of the race. It's not all about running the Race for the Cure, it's about supporting finding a cure.

In Celebration of my Grandma

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afoos said...

You guys make me want to start running again! I was never up to your level, but it sure felt good, even a couple miles. Great job!

You know, Grandma Wysocki had breast cancer too, so you ran for her too!

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