Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Last Weekend

Beth and I had a pretty good weekend. Friday was pretty much just like a usual Friday. We got home from work and wanted to lay around, not feeling like doing much of anything. After we finally figured out that we were hungry and not in the mood to cook, we decided to go to Cheddar's. I'm sure most people have heard of Cheddar's, but if you haven't, it's a great place that I would recommend. It's a casual restaurant that looks from the outside like it could be expensive, but it's not at all. Pretty much the most expensive thing on the menu is $12.99 and most things are between six and seven bucks. Anyway, there are only a few Cheddar's restaurants in Houston and the one Beth and I decdied to go to was out West off of the Westpark Tollway. As we were getting ready to pull into the restaurant, I mentioned to Beth that our friend Romi lived right there and I hadn't talked to her in a while. So we decided to give her a call. Luckily she wasn't doing anything since her boyfriend was out of town, so she joined us for dinner. We ended up spending over there hours at Cheddar's just talking and having a really good time.

Saturday was a bad day. My Sooners lost. In all my sadness, a smile appeared on my face as I watched Colt McCoy get knocked out of the Texas game and the Longhorns get dominated at home against Kansas State. This weekend is OU/Texas and I think it's going to be a good game.

Sunday was a great day. Beth and I signed the final contract on our house!!!!! We finished picking out all of the upgrades we wanted and now the next step is to meet with our builder after they receive all the building permits needed. Once construction actually starts, it will take about two months to be completed. After we signed the contract on our house, we went to The Woodlands to see my Mom one last time before she left to go back to Dubai. We went to Brio for dinner and it was really good to hangout with my Mom. I'm definitely going to miss her a lot. It's been really nice having her basically right down the road for the past three and a half months. I'm excited that we'll all be together again in Italy and I can't wait to see Gab and Louise!

This weekend is Race for the Cure and lots of college football!!!!

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