Sunday, October 28, 2007

Half-Marathon Training

It was officially the first weekend for my and Beth's half-marathon training. As we build up to 13 miles, yesterday meant we had to run seven miles. The run came and went and everything was fine. I think Beth was a little nervous about the run, but she did fine. In fact we ran faster than usual without any problem. We followed yesterday's run up with a six mile run this morning. The cool weather definitely makes things easier. The temperarture was in the sixties both days that we ran.

As we start getting ready for the half-marathon, I think it's about time for new shoes. You would think that running would be a cheap sport, but having to replace your shoes every 300 miles gets pretty expensive. I burn through about 5 pairs of shoes a year and at $100 a pair, it all adds up.

Speaking of things being expensive, the big issue in Houston running these days is the fact that the Houston Marathon and Half-Marathon have reached their entry limit. This even after they increased the total number of participants from 15,000 last year to 17,000 this year. Registration closed in December last year for the January event. This year it closed at the end of September. What does all this mean you may ask. It means that people are selling their registration for the event to other people who are desperate to run. How much would running in a half-marathon or marathon be worth to you? Well, it's somewhere in the $200 to $300 range to some people who are buying others' regristrations. This doesn't include the $40 transfer fee. A small price to pay to run 26.2 miles or 13.1 miles, right? Ha ha. Right. I'm just glad Beth and I got in early and paid $60 for our registration. Happy running.

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