Friday, September 28, 2007

New Schedules

Another week has gone by and I have not posted anything! Tony's been doing a good job of keeping things up to date though. I am finally getting in the groove of school and teaching...but guess what...all of my classes are about to change. Great! As a result of some benchmark testing, my school decided to rearrange the math classes because there were quite a few students who did well enough on the test that they don't need to be in a 90 minute math class. They would be fine in a 45 minute math class. Also, there are some kids that need to be placed in an above grade level class. After 6 weeks of school the plan is to overhaul every kid's schedule in order to get them in the math class they really need. I found out that I'm now going to have 2 90 minute classes and 2 45 minute classes. Hopefully I'll still have a lot of the same kids, but who knows.

I hope it will work out well for the kids because it's going to be hard starting all over with new classes and a different class pace with the shorter classes. It's one of those things where you do what you're told and adapt.

Other than this news I received this week, I am so excited that it's the weekend. Tony and I don't have very much planned. Tomorrow we're going to get kolache's for breakfast (because we got a buy 3 get 3 free coupon!) and watch some football games. Sunday, we're going to finally go sign off on all the stuff for our house and have dinner with Tony's mom. Other than that, looking forward to relaxing and hanging out with adults. :)

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