Friday, September 21, 2007

Houston We Have Tile

When Beth and I started looking at options for our new house, one of the first things we knew we wanted was tile in the kitchen and bathrooms. Tile not only looks nicer than normal linoleum, it also lasts a lot longer. We got a quote from our builder to tile the master bathroom and the kitchen for $3,100. We thought those were the two most important places and the second bathroom could wait. After thinking about it, we figured it was a no-brainer, we were doing it. Then as we started adding up the rest of our upgrades for the house, our list quickly grew and grew.....and continued to grow. We were like oh crap, we need to take something off the list. I started doing a little research on my own and found that we could tile those same areas for about half the price and also have our pick of any tile we wanted if we did it on our own and not through the builder. Although the builder had some nice tile options, we only had about 10 different choices. By doing it on our own, we could pick anything from anywhere. And that's just what we did.

Last night Beth and I went to the Floor and Decor Outlet and bought our tile. We may not have a house to put the tile in quite yet, but we sure will be ready to go once the house is finished. Since this was our first time to buy tile, we didn't really think too much about the weight of tile. And especially the weight of 15 boxes of tile, eight of which were 18 by 18 inch tiles. In fact when we pulled the car up to load the boxes in, the guy just laughed at us and told us there was no way we were getting all of that tile in one trip. Well to his amazement(and ours to be honest), we fit all of the tile in. I had to go today and buy three more boxes from another store since the first store didn't have enough, but now our tile buying is complete. And we got enough tile for our second bathroom as well!!! All for only $580!!!! Now we just have to get it installed. Well, I guess the house has to be built first. Maybe we jumped the gun just a little bit.....Nah!


afoos said...

Wow, I am impressed with you guys! Let me know if it's hard to tile, I've always been interested...

Brandie said...

Good post.

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