Thursday, September 6, 2007

Half-Marathon Time

As Beth has mentioned in previous blogs, we are running in the Houston Aramco Half-Marathon at the beginning of January. Although this still seems like forever away, you still have to start getting your body ready to run 13.1 miles. Luckily for Beth and I, we run anywhere between four and five miles a day, but that's still not the same as 13.1. So the plan is to start really getting ready for the race in about a month. Although we ran the race together in 2006, this time we are wanting to really focus on each running considerably faster than we did last time. To get ready, we are going to do our long runs on the weekends and then during the week focus on running longer distances rather than running as frequently. This is going to mean running six or seven miles 3 days a week and doing one long run on the weekends instead of running four miles, five or six times a week. So here's the training schedule:

Last weekend of October: Run 8 miles

First weekend of November: Run 9 Miles

Second Weekend: Run 10 Miles

Third Weekend: Run 11 Miles

Fourth Weekend: Run 12 Miles

1st Weekend of December: Run 13.1 Miles!!!

So hopefully by the beginning of December we will be ready to go for the race and we can use December to work on getting faster. Wish us luck!

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