Friday, September 21, 2007

Dinner Time

Sometimes I think Beth and I are on European time. The reason I say this is because we usually don't ever eat dinner until at least eight and sometimes it's pushing nine o'clock before we sit down to eat. When we tell people this they usually think we are crazy. "How do you eat that late? Aren't you starving? I hate going to sleep with a full stomach," some people say to us. The fact is, we just don't like eating early. And even if we did, we wouldn't be able to. By the time Beth and I get off of work and get home, it's usually 5:30 or so. We then usually lay around for a little while to wind down from the day and then get dressed and go running. The whole running process takes about an hour and by the time we get home and cool off it's at least eight o'clock and then we still have to cook dinner.

Eating late is great when we are in Europe. We can go out and wander around and not worry about having to eat at any certain time before a place closes. The restaurants are usually empty up until 8:30 or 9 p.m. and then they get crowded and stay crowded late. And this doesn't just happen on the weekends either, it's every night. My sister Andie(who lives in Paris) made a comment to me when we were in Bartlesville last week about eating late. We were invited over to someones house for dinner at six and we both kind of shook our heads and agreed that we hated eating that early. Andie said she usually doesn't eat until at least eight either.

Oh well, I guess we'll keep eating late. Maybe our schedules will change at some point. But if not at least we'll be ready for our trips to Europe each year.

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afoos said...

I know, isn't 6 like the early bird special? Oh, or maybe that's 4 and 6 is the normal time to eat. In France, the kids religiously eat their afternoon snack at around 4 pm, so Gab wouldn't even be hungry at 6. At the earliest, we eat at 7, but even that's rare. We usually don't sit down until 8. But, my theory is that dinner time has changed in the US- didn't it used to be later than 6? And, then when I talk to friends in the US, their kids eat dinner at 6 and go to bed right after, so I think Gab and Louise are on European time too for the meals.

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