Saturday, September 15, 2007


I have not posted anything on here since I started teaching, I don't think. Tony's been on my case about how I haven't written anything in awhile as well. Well, I have a good excuse called Teaching! My first 3 weeks of teaching have been extremely tiring and a test for myself. I have managed my way through the first few weeks of school and am starting to get used to the daily schedule...get up at 6 AM, drive 35 minutes to work, go go go with my 6th graders until 4, leave work at 4:15, drive 35 minutes to an hour home (depending on traffic and stupid trains), plop on the couch and wait for Tony to get home and try to take a short nap before he gets home. I have never been more happy to see Fridays come knowing that I'll be able to sleep in and just relax for 2 days.

So far, I enjoy teaching, but there is so much to learn. I'm just now beginning to see how I want to do things and then there's getting the kids to do things! I've never said "Stop talking" so many times in my entire life as I do each day. It's all figuring out what works and what doesn't with them. Sometimes it's just so frustrating and I feel so out of control in the classroom. BUT I have to keep telling myself that it'll only get better the more I do it.

Tony has been a great support. He always tells me that I get so upset when the kids don't do well or don't do what I want them to do because I care so much and that's not a bad thing. I've only cried once after I got home from school, so that's not too bad. Well, and then there's the time I cried before school in my classroom. (No kids were there) Haha. It can only get better...It can only get better! Janet told me that one of her middle school teachers cried in front of her class because the kids were being so mean to her. At least I didn't do that! I can honestly say that my kids have not been mean to me yet, they're just REALLY talkative and have a hard time paying attention 80% of the time.

This has been my life so far though. Even though I'm so tired after school, Tony makes me go running which is a good thing. Makes me feel like I'm doing something for me still. Plus it's a good time for us to chat about our days. Probably by the time I get used to this new schedule, school will be over!

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afoos said...

OMG, I am so going through the same thing! My 6th graders are talkers too and Etienne keeps telling me how important it is to curb that now before the year gets off to a bad start, but how? So many of them are talking, I can't even tell anymore who it is to single them out! And the worst is that I'm so used to teaching adults where it was okay for them to ask questions without raising their hands that I'm letting my 6th graders do the same thing without even thinking about it! Do you have any tricks that have worked for you to get them to shut up? My 7th graders are a lot better behaved and I'm wondering if 6th grade is just hard because they are used to less discipline in elementary school? I think we'll both be ready for that trip to Italy in December! Luckily, we also get a 2 week fall break at the end of October- do you get a fall break at all?

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