Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Things Change So Quickly

Not too long after writing yesterday did Tony find a website completely bashing the builder of the neighborhood we had been looking at. These were not small things either...people being pressured to close before their house was done, cracks in the house, water under the foundation because the lot wasn't leveled correctly, etc. These horror stories were enough to make us change our minds about the house we had been thinking of. It was kind of sad and disappointing though because it seemed like such a great option for us. But we have now resigned ourselves to the fact that we will continue to look for the perfect house for us in the perfect (or ok) location. With it being our first house, we know we probably can't get exactly what we want but it's not worth having a crappy house built by a builder with a bad reputation either. It might just be a little smaller and/or older.

We really aren't in a rush to find something either. I just have to try and stay positive because I was so not impressed with what we saw on our first outing looking at houses. I think our budget has gone up, and I just get frustrated when I don't find something I like right away. Luckily, Tony is Mr. Positive about the whole thing and he's reminding me not to get down about it because we'll find something we like sooner or later.

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