Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Sweet Leaf Tea Bus

Tony and I worked another Sweet Leaf Tea event yesterday. We hadn't done anything in probably a month, but yesterday was a promotion at HEB that SLT was doing with 104 KRBE. They mentioned SLT on the radio and tried to get people to come out and try some tea. Anyways, the HEB manager really wanted the SLT bus to come out and sit in the parking lot during the day. SO this meant Tony & I had to bring the bus out there. Pictures are below, but let me tell you it is an old school bus with no AC and a bunch of tea in the back. The outside of the bus is "wrapped" with a whole Sweet Leaf design and it's bright blue! Top speed is 60 mph.

No need for a special bus driving license here! Tony was the privileged one who drove the bus, but I think Shippey would have died if we told him that I drove the bus. That would be an accident waiting to happen.

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