Monday, August 20, 2007

A New House??

Beth and I's search for a house continues. We actually found a really great house in a nice neighborhood this past weekend. And the the key thing is, it's in our price range!!!! The house is located on FM 2920 which is about 20 minutes north of downtown Houston. We really like this area b/c it's close to a lot of different things and also close to The Woodlands. We toured the model house and really liked it. Now we are just trying to figure out if there is another floor plan that we may like better. Beth's parents are going with us this weekend to check it out and i'll be interested to see what they say. It typically takes about 4 and a half months for them to build so we would be looking at probably a March move in date or so. With the wedding scheduled for next summer, we're really not in a huge hurry. We'll see what happens!


Anonymous said...

Tony, I just want to pass along a hint someone gave me about when to use "I" and when to use "me, mine". Take out the other person and see what sounds right: My search for a house, in this case! Hope this doesn't sound weird, but it's a lesson I've used a lot over the past few years...

Anonymous said...


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