Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Wedding Stuff

Beth and I have quickly come to realize that we don't exactly know a whole lot about planning weddings. Although I think we've done pretty good so far. First of all, we had no idea how much things cost. Planning a wedding isn't cheap. It seems like all the wedding places take a normal reasonable price and multiply that by three or four and make that their "special wedding price." After our first round of sticker shock, Beth and I have settled in and are starting to really focus on the really pressing issues that we need to get figured out now i.e. the church, the reception, the date! Lucky for us, we think we have found a church and also found a few possibilities for a reception. Hopefully things will start getting figured out in the next week or so. And Beth and I can't wait to know where our wedding and reception will be and to share it with everyone else.

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