Saturday, July 7, 2007

Perfect Proposal

Tony has been writing all about our exciting engagement, so I figured it was my turn. This week has been so crazy! Tony keeps reminding me how our lives have changed since Monday and how I never would have thought we'd be engaged. I have to say that I could not have been more surprised, but I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. It was so special and meaningful that Tony took the time to think about making sure my parents were home, surprising my mom and sisters, proposing while we were getting ready to run (since that's our thing that we always do together), and so much more! Everything about it!

I am already starting to think seriously about all the decisions that we have to make regarding a wedding. One of my best friends already got me a planning book. I'm not worried about it though because I have a good helper. Tony cares about our wedding and knows what he wants...or at least can say yes or no to things I suggest. I'm happy that we're going to do this together! Plus my mom and sisters are all into it too. More details to come in the next few months!

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