Sunday, June 17, 2007

More Baseball

Mom & Dad (with Janet!)

Tony & Me

Sisters at the game!

We went to another Astros game on Friday. This time we went with my parents and Janet's boyfriend, Nick. All 7 of us sat in the outfield in great seats. The only home run of the game was caught by a guy in the row behind us! We saw the ball coming right at us, bounce of some guys' hands in front of us, and over Stacy's head. That was the big excitement in our section. My sisters and I were thinking "Oh no, don't hit us!". We didn't even want to try to catch it.

We celebrated Father's Day with my Dad since we all were together and I think he had a good time too. For Friday home games, Minute Maid Park does fireworks. We stayed after the game, they turned out all the big lights in the stadium, and had a huge fireworks display. It was really cool! We were glad we stayed to see it!

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