Thursday, June 14, 2007


Beth and I have had a pretty normal routine after work which usually consists of running, eating dinner, and watching our favorite shows(i.e. Prison Break, American Idol, Grey's Anatomy, Survivor, Ugly Betty for Beth, etc.). Now that Summer is here, all of our normal shows are on hiatus and we find ourselves out of desperation watching all of the "fill-in" shows for the Summer. And let me tell you, it's gotten pretty bad. We have now started watching Hell's Kitchen, Pirate Master(a Survivor wannabe), Hidden Palms(a teenie bopper show on the CW), and Traveler to name a few. Other than Traveler on ABC, which is a pretty darn good show, the rest of the shows are pretty bad. We frequently find ourselves watching the shows, asking ourselves, are we really watching this? The answer is yes. And until our normal shows come back on, I guess we will be left with all the "fill-ins".

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