Sunday, June 24, 2007

Beth keeps telling me I need to get on here and write something. The problem is I've had some sort of writer's block the past week and can't seem to get over it. Nothing seems interesting to write about especially nothing in our lives so I have remained without anything to write. I wish I could come to you today with grand stories of all the crazy adventures filling Beth and I's lives, but to be honest, I got nothing....So I'll just tell you this...In a little over 2 weeks will be going to Ohio to watch Stacy play in the Jamie Farr. The week before that is 4th of July and we'll be off work the Wednesday of the week. So pretty much all we gotta do is get through this week and everything will be fine. That's right sports fans, the only exciting thing in my life is counting down the days of work until we get to be gone for five days to Ohio. Sorry to disappoint.

On a different note, Beth and I went and saw Ocean's 13 on Friday night. Needless to say, I wasn't too impressed. The first one was good, the second one not so much, and the third one, not worth seeing.

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