Friday, June 1, 2007

Are you sitting down for this?

The Astros actually won a game!!! I'm starting to think that Beth and I are good luck charms for the Astros. The last game we went to was two weeks ago when they played the Giants and won. Then we go to France and come back and the Astros are in the midst of a ten game losing streak. Then yesterday, Mr. T as I like to call him(actually a guy I work with named Mike Tran), asked if I wanted to go to the game. The Reds were in town and the Astros were trying to break the streak. He happened to have two extra tickets so Beth went too and lucky for the Astros, their good luck charms were in the stadium. Ten runs later the Astros were victorious and the streak was over. Two Astros games, two victories, are you seeing a trend? I think so. I won't mention the first game of the season that we went to when the Astros lost. Oh well. Anyway, bowling this afternoon with my work group. Should be fun. I haven't bowled in many many years. Although I must say, I'm quite good. Oh wait, bowling isn't like golf where low score wins. Okay, scratch that. I'm terrible. Wish me luck.

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