Thursday, June 28, 2007

Homemade Chips

We made homemade potato chips tonight to go with our dinner. This is the 2nd time we've attempted chips and these were quite the improvement over last time. Tony had 4 different dipping sauces too (regular ketchup, spicy ketchup, bbq sauce, and ketchup with malt vinegar). We're stuffed!



See Where Stacy Is

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What a Disaster!

After Beth's nice entry regarding our dinner party the other night, I thought it would only be appropriate to acknowledge our kitchen misfortune only nights before. After putting together broccoli, spices, and some olive oil, I put the broccoli in the oven to cook for 20 minutes or so. Something we had done three or four times before without problem. This time was a little different. Instead of putting it in our normal baking pan, I put the broccoli on a cookie sheet and neglected to realize that oil gets thin when it gets hot. By the time I realized this, it was too late as the oil had run down the side of the oven all over the burner. Smoke was billowing out of the oven along with foot tall flames. We quickly pulled out the broccoli as we tried to figure out what to do next....We had no other option but to let the flames go out and open the door to our apartment to let the smoke out. Thirty minutes later we were left with an apartment full of smoke, gross tasting broccoli, and an oven that had seen better days. Our great meal that we had planned ended up turning into us going out to dinner. We probably won't be cooking broccoli again any time soon.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dinner for 4

Tony and I had a dinner party this weekend! Well not a big party, but we had Romi and her new boyfriend, Rian, over for a real dinner. No pizza and beer here. AND I actually cooked! On the menu was lasagna, bread w/ olive oil, Caesar salad, and steamed veggies. This was my 2nd time to make lasagna with Tony and he liked it event better than the first time. It's about the only thing I can cook!

We had a really great time sitting down to dinner. Romi brought wine and the boys had beer, of course. We talked about Romi and Tony's infamous working relationship where they fought all the time and how you're supposed to squeeze toothpaste from the bottom of the tube and put toilet paper on the holder. Haha. As you can guess some people have problems with these things.

We love having people over to our apartment, even though it doesn't happen very often!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Beth keeps telling me I need to get on here and write something. The problem is I've had some sort of writer's block the past week and can't seem to get over it. Nothing seems interesting to write about especially nothing in our lives so I have remained without anything to write. I wish I could come to you today with grand stories of all the crazy adventures filling Beth and I's lives, but to be honest, I got nothing....So I'll just tell you this...In a little over 2 weeks will be going to Ohio to watch Stacy play in the Jamie Farr. The week before that is 4th of July and we'll be off work the Wednesday of the week. So pretty much all we gotta do is get through this week and everything will be fine. That's right sports fans, the only exciting thing in my life is counting down the days of work until we get to be gone for five days to Ohio. Sorry to disappoint.

On a different note, Beth and I went and saw Ocean's 13 on Friday night. Needless to say, I wasn't too impressed. The first one was good, the second one not so much, and the third one, not worth seeing.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

One of Those Days

Today is one of those days where I'm not in the mood to do anything. If it were my choice I would have slept in until 10 and layed around watching TV. It's cloudy and nasty outside and it would have been perfect to hang out at home all day. All I want is some time to do things I want to do and not be on someone else's schedule all the time.

But NO...I had to go to work today. Work has been busy lately since my boss took on 4 new clients all at the same time. Same number of people working, 4 times the work. Basically I spend all my time going to meetings and getting things ready for meetings. Tony's finally gotten to the point where he's sick of me complaining and told me to suck it up because it won't be for much longer. It's so hard though!

Tonight Tony and I are going to be productive. We've planned an hour where he's going to do some work stuff online like looking for new candidates and I'm going to work on my online class. We are trying something new to make help Tony make more placements at work and to let me have some quit time to work on my classes. But, I'm really looking forward to this weekend because we don't really have any plans. It'll be nice to just hang out and be bums!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

More Sweet Leaf

You would think all Tony & I did was go to baseball games and work at Sweet Leaf events...well that's not too far from the truth! Yesterday we worked out in Kemah at a marina and yacht club where they were having some kind of fun event for all the "boat people". I don't even remember what it was called. They had free pizza and beer and a couple of tents set up where people had information about boat stuff. They also did some seminars. Seminars included: on-board yoga, to which there is a DVD in case you're interested, and navigation. On-board yoga - funny to watch older people try to do this stuff. Navigation - 1.5 hours long, more boring than I can even describe, and we got in trouble for talking. Oh, and they also had a pirate costume contest...see picture below.

More Baseball

Mom & Dad (with Janet!)

Tony & Me

Sisters at the game!

We went to another Astros game on Friday. This time we went with my parents and Janet's boyfriend, Nick. All 7 of us sat in the outfield in great seats. The only home run of the game was caught by a guy in the row behind us! We saw the ball coming right at us, bounce of some guys' hands in front of us, and over Stacy's head. That was the big excitement in our section. My sisters and I were thinking "Oh no, don't hit us!". We didn't even want to try to catch it.

We celebrated Father's Day with my Dad since we all were together and I think he had a good time too. For Friday home games, Minute Maid Park does fireworks. We stayed after the game, they turned out all the big lights in the stadium, and had a huge fireworks display. It was really cool! We were glad we stayed to see it!

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Beth and I have had a pretty normal routine after work which usually consists of running, eating dinner, and watching our favorite shows(i.e. Prison Break, American Idol, Grey's Anatomy, Survivor, Ugly Betty for Beth, etc.). Now that Summer is here, all of our normal shows are on hiatus and we find ourselves out of desperation watching all of the "fill-in" shows for the Summer. And let me tell you, it's gotten pretty bad. We have now started watching Hell's Kitchen, Pirate Master(a Survivor wannabe), Hidden Palms(a teenie bopper show on the CW), and Traveler to name a few. Other than Traveler on ABC, which is a pretty darn good show, the rest of the shows are pretty bad. We frequently find ourselves watching the shows, asking ourselves, are we really watching this? The answer is yes. And until our normal shows come back on, I guess we will be left with all the "fill-ins".

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Streak Continues

Beth and I went to our fourth Astros game last night with a group of people from my work. We had a good time and are beginning to think that we bring luck to the Astros as they have won the last three games we have attended. We'll see if this holds true as we are going to our fifth Astros game on Friday with Beth's family. Should be a lot of fun.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

How About One More?

Congrats to Stacy who qualified yesterday for the US Women's Open which will be held June 28th-July 1st in Southern Pines, North Carolina. This will be Stacy's 3rd LPGA event and the second of five that she will play in this year....We can't wait to watch you on tv!!!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Another Win

Stacy got her first win of the summer at the Women's Southern Amateur Tournament this week in Birmingham, Alabama. It was a match play tournament and she won in the final round (36 holes), 4 holes up with 3 to go. She's such a stud!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Birthday Wishes

Not sure if he reads this or not, but Happy Birthday DAD! He turns 50 today!


What's Next?

Tony's been posting a lot more that I have lately! While his last posting was about a story from his past, I'm going to go with the future on this one. I have been thinking about how I feel like I'm at the age where everyone I know is at a different point in their lives. One of my best friends, Sarah, has been married for almost 2 years, has a house, a dog, and is pregnant with her first baby. Some people, like Alyssa, are still in school (granted it's med school). Some people managed to find a job that they love already. Others, like me, still trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives! I think I'm getting there though or at least in the process.

It's kind of strange to have friends, like Sarah, who are in a totally different stage in their lives. Luckily, she is a great friend and I'm not worried that she's going to abandon me or any of us other non-married chicks! But I know that when she has her baby, things are going to change a lot. I guess that's life though! I always wonder how long before I and my other close friends will begin going through the things Sarah's done in the past 2 years...5 years, 10 years, never? Who knows!

I remind myself that there's no one way to live your life and not to get ahead of myself trying to plan what's next. Because I tend to want to know what's next and I'm not very good at waiting! I guess I'll have to wait and see, but for now I have an exciting new job in 2 months which keeps me going and a great roomie (Tony :)) that I have tons of fun with...great family & friends too (but I've always had that). I'd like to write more, but I'm at work and have to go to a meeting. I'm so productive. :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Missed Vacations

It was 1996 and I was on the verge of getting my drivers license. Unfortunately for me, my parents had scheduled a family vacation to coincide with my spring break that year and my birthday just happened to fall during that week. What should I do? Should I go with my family on vacation? Should I stay back and get that all elusive drivers license that every 15 year old counts down the days for? Full disclosure here, it wasn't that hard of a choice. My previous family vacation(and my Mom will vouch for this) wasn't exactly the funnest. We went to California. You know, Disneyland, Sea World, the whole nine yards. I can't necessarily pin down one specific thing that made the trip not fun, but maybe it was the six of us driving around California crammed into a Buick LeSabre or maybe it was having to wait on my brother and sister to do anything. Of course they were only five years old, but as an impatient 15 year old, I wasn't in the mood.

So it was decided with much ease that I would not go on vacation with the rest of the family and I would instead stay in Bartlesville with my grandparents to get my drivers license. Regrets? None. That week is a week I will cherish forever.

Before my parents left, they bought me a car. A 1987 Ford Tempo with five million miles on it. Okay I exaggerate, maybe it had 150,000 miles on it. Needless to say, the car had seen better days. This doesn't change my opinion of that car. I loved it! And actually wish we would have never gotten rid of it. So many memories!

Because of the state of my car, my Grandpa decided he was going to help me get it all ready to go for when I turned 16. He showed me how to wax the car, he helped me clean the entire inside, and he also helped me fix the trunk that was rusted out. That week was spent getting up in the morning, sharing breakfast with my grandparents, and then going to the garage with my Grandpa and working on my car. The way my Grandpa treated that car was the way he approached everything in life. The car cost $1500, but he treated it like it was worth $30,000. He treated everyone like they were the most important person around, no matter who they were. I have always admired that about him. He didn't need to help me with that car, but he did. He spent hours upon hours that week showing me what to do and helping me get my car ready because he knew it was important to me.

The day came and he took me to get my drivers license and at that moment, I thought it was the best day of my life. How could life get any better? Looking back now, it wasn't the best day of my life, but quite possibly one of the best weeks of my life. My grandfather died seven months later. He took with him the kindest most gentle heart of anyone I've ever known. That week spent with him taught me more things than words can describe and his patience with me was something I'll never forget. I hope that in the rest of my life I am able to take with me a small percentage of the man my grandfather was. Because I know that even a small percentage would make me a better person.

I love my family vacations now. I can't wait for my family vacation in December. But I can't help but look back and be thankful for missing out on one family vacation.

Monday, June 4, 2007

A Long Summer

I can already tell it's going to be a long summer. Beth and I went running this evening after work. It was 90 degrees outside. It's only going to get worse and I can't say that I'm looking forward to it. Our only relief is that when we go to Ohio in July, it will hopefully be cooler there. Although last year the heat followed us. Of course hot weather's great for laying by the pool and doing nothing, but not for running. I have a feeling it's going to be a gradual process getting used to this weather. I keep telling Beth it's just getting her prepared for when we go to Dubai next June. I don't even want to think what the heat will feel like then.

On a positive note, we had a great weekend. We spent Saturday at Crystal Beach with Beth's parents and some other family friends. We played Guys vs. Girls bocce ball and let me just say, it was pretty intense. Of course the guys won, but the girls gave it their all.

Stacy's playing in the Women's Southern Amateur Championship this week in Birmingham, Alabama and you can click here to see how she's doing.


Friday, June 1, 2007

Are you sitting down for this?

The Astros actually won a game!!! I'm starting to think that Beth and I are good luck charms for the Astros. The last game we went to was two weeks ago when they played the Giants and won. Then we go to France and come back and the Astros are in the midst of a ten game losing streak. Then yesterday, Mr. T as I like to call him(actually a guy I work with named Mike Tran), asked if I wanted to go to the game. The Reds were in town and the Astros were trying to break the streak. He happened to have two extra tickets so Beth went too and lucky for the Astros, their good luck charms were in the stadium. Ten runs later the Astros were victorious and the streak was over. Two Astros games, two victories, are you seeing a trend? I think so. I won't mention the first game of the season that we went to when the Astros lost. Oh well. Anyway, bowling this afternoon with my work group. Should be fun. I haven't bowled in many many years. Although I must say, I'm quite good. Oh wait, bowling isn't like golf where low score wins. Okay, scratch that. I'm terrible. Wish me luck.

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