Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Words of Wisdom

I've been running consistently now for the past seven years. In those seven years I've seen a lot of different things while out on my runs. During my lunchtime run today I thought of a few words of wisdom that I would love to pass on to anyone who is either a current runner or thinking about taking up running. In no particular order:

1) spandex doesn't look good on anyone
2) guys, if you're twenty pounds overweight, put a shirt on
3) along with number two, if you have more hair on your chest than a golden retriever, put a shirt on
4) if you're only running 3 miles, you don't need a water bottle belt around your waist, i promise you two things, you won't die of dehydration, and running in Houston is not like running in the sahara desert
5) if you're walking on a running path with your family of 12, please get out of the way when runners get close, us runners don't like to stop our run so we can get through a crowd the size of China
6) smile and say hi when you pass by others.......it might actually feel good.
7) babies are cute, but not when they're blocking my running path, while you're pushing them in a stroller
8) running while holding weights in your hands is not like killing two birds with one stone, they aren't going to make your arms toned while you lose inches off your waist. good thought, bad follow through.
9) if the reason you want to take up running is so you can buy some "cute" running stuff, don't worry about it.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

10) Never, ever wear Texas flag running shorts. Ever.

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