Sunday, May 20, 2007

Paris Day 3

Andie and Louise

The house in Normandy

Us and Gab

After riding the Metro

We are back from Normandy. The ride back wasn't nearly as difficult as the ride there. There were seven of us crammed into my sister and Etienne's van on the way out to Normandy last night. Needless to say, not fun. Today Beth and I took the train from Bernay, France back to Paris and although it was quicker and we had a lot more room, I think we may have overdone the champagne last nite and were feeling the effects. Oh well, we made it. Andie and everyone else are still out in Normandy and will be home late tonight. Since this is the case, Beth and I are spending the afternoon out in Paris checking out some more stuff. The weather is kind of nasty, but we're not complaining. It could always be worse. More pics to come soon.

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